Giving fewer fucks

Pardon my language, or don't, for I've always thought the concept of "curse words" was stupid, and I just don't give a fuck. Last weekend in »

Clone VM from a snapshot with PowerCLI

Have you ever wanted to easily clone a virtual machine from a snapshot, and have the clone reflect the source as it existed at that point »

Ghost Mobile

Oddly enough, in all the time I've been using Ghost, I've never even logged into the mobile editor to generate content. I was surprised to see »

Scanbot Pro, free coupon! ($4.99 value)

First come first serve, a late Christmas gift for my readers: a coupon code for a free license of Scanbot Pro for iOS! (iTunes Link) This »

Expression > sensitivities

Brendan O'Neill, at We need a more consistent commitment to standing up to the intolerant, whether they’re Western feminists, Scottish luvvies, or North »